Monday, October 5, 2009

A Harlequin Halloween

I found doll heads!

You don't always get that treasure you're looking for and hoping to find when you go thrift store/garage sale shopping. But this was a GREAT DAY! I found just what I was looking for...doll heads for my demented toy project!

Well, doll heads are like can't buy just one! I had to have all three and came away with my bag of heads, one happy camper! FB friends have been taking Michael DeMeng's "Demented Toys" class.

It truly gave me the inspiration to create my demented toy doll. A found ceramic cat without a head, a sunburst and a dumpster discard of gold braiding, along with my rummaged doll head...My creation came to life!

Kimmie Draper loved my doll heads and asked if she could do a little Photoshop manipulation with them. This is the project she created for all to enjoy. Thanks, Kimmie, I just love it! Please visit Kimmie's Krazy Korner.

A little Harlequin Halloween!


  1. I'm so jealous I love the heads! Especially when they have that rubbed off hair!!! Nice haul!!! Pink

  2. Oh I'm green with envy too! Those doll heads are so awesomely creepy! And Kimmie's photoshopped piece is great! WOW! Man...I wish I had more time to go hunting for creepy treasures!

    Enchanted Blessings,

  3. Thanks, Joyce and Mary, for the great compliments. I love your work as well...Halloween is the best and it's great sharing it with you. Stop back anytime...I plan on stalking both of you! (I mean following you...LOL)

    Happy Haunting,